3. Module: Using the Coolfront Mobile App


The videos in this module will introduce your students to the benefits of using flat rate pricing. They also will review several soft skill topics that can be used for any service call business. Finally and most importantly, we will introduce and run through the Coolfront Mobile App and demonstrate how it can be used for any HVAC, plumbing and electrical  business.


Module 1: Coolfront Mobile App

Series of Existing Videos



In this module you will:

  • Discover the benefits of using a flat rate pricing system
  • Explore the basics of the Coolfront Mobile App
  • View a tutorial of the Coolfront Mobile App


Why Flat Rate Pricing (Patrick video) (http://www.coolfront.com/flat-rate-pricing.html) A review of the ins and outs of flat rate pricing

What is Coolfront (Video) (http://www.coolfront.com/) An introduction to the Coolfront App

Coolfront Demo (Video) (http://www2.coolfront.com/demo)