2. Course Syllabus

Coolfront Mobile. The zero-cost flat rate pricing App

Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to provide a guide to the instructor so that the students can be introduced to the Coolfront Mobile App, demonstrate its features and benefits and allow them to practice using it in a series of exercises.

Time: Approximately 20 minutes



Module 1: Coolfront Mobile App

Module 2: Business Softskills

Module 3: Exercises



The videos in this module will introduce your students to the benefits of using flat rate pricing. They also will review several soft skill topics that can be used for any service call business. Finally and most importantly, we will introduce and run through the Coolfront Mobile App and demonstrate how it can be used for any HVAC, plumbing and electrical  business.

Module 1: Coolfront Mobile App

Series of Existing Videos


In this module you will:

  • Discover the benefits of using a flat rate pricing system
  • Explore the basics of the Coolfront Mobile App

Why Flat Rate Pricing (Patrick video) (http://www.coolfront.com/flat-rate-pricing.html) A review  of the ins and outs of flat rate pricing

What is Coolfront (Video) (http://www.coolfront.com/) An introduction to the Coolfront App

Coolfront Demo (Video) (http://www2.coolfront.com/demo)


Module 2: Business Softskills

Series of New Videos


In this module you will learn how to

  • Present yourself professionally to the customer
  • Manage customer time expectations
  • Streamline service by building diagnostic routines
  • Discover the power of empathizing with your customers when complaints surface
  • Respect a customer’s property
  • Collect on the call and follow through
  • Follow through on jobs
  • Understand the power of a dollar


Professional Presentation:  A clean organized presentation can set the customer’s mind at ease. 4 steps to keep in mind when making a first impression

Customer Time Expectations: Communication is key when nailing down the service call appointment time.  

Building Diagnostic Returns: Running through a set of diagnostic steps can head off return calls.

Customer Complaints and Empathy: Sympathizing with the customer goes a long way in dealing with complaints.

Respecting Customer Property: Treating your customer’s house as your own is a must.

Why Collect On The Job: The benefit of charging the customer at the time of the service.

Follow Through or You Could Be Out: Making sure to follow up on service can help you land a customer for life.

The Power of a Dollar: Raising your hourly rate can pay huge dividends.


Module 3: Exercises

A series of 8 exercises allowing the student to practice using the Coolfront App.

Training Exercise #1: Cooling

Training Exercise #2: Cooling

Training Exercise #3: Cooling

Training Exercise #4: Heating

Training Exercise #5: Heating

Training Exercise #6: Heating

Training Exercise #7: Plumbing

Training Exercise #8: Electrical



The videos in this course introduced your students to the benefits of using flat rate pricing in conjunction with the Coolfront Mobile app. The videos also presented customer service soft skill tips to improve customer service. The students also had the chance to complete several Coolfront app exercises. For more information explore the other areas of the Coolfront website.